Florence Griffith Joyner December 21, 1959

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVSmPBLnSXY Florence Delorez Griffith Joyner[1] (December 21, 1959 – September 21, 1998), also known as Flo-Jo, was an American track and field athlete. She is considered the fastest woman of all time[2][3][4] based on the fact that the world records she set in 1988 for both the 100 m and 200 m still stand. During … Continue reading Florence Griffith Joyner December 21, 1959


Montgomery Bus Boycott Ends December 20, 1956

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHFPH79Iaoo It took more than a year (380 days) The Montgomery Bus Boycott, a seminal event in the Civil Rights Movement, was a political and social protest campaign against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery, Alabama. The campaign lasted from December 5, 1955—the Monday after Rosa Parks, an African … Continue reading Montgomery Bus Boycott Ends December 20, 1956

Carter G. Woodson December 19 1875

Carter Godwin Woodson (December 19, 1875 – April 3, 1950)[1] was an African-American historian, author, journalist and the founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. He was one of the first scholars to study African-American history. A founder of The Journal of Negro History in 1915, Woodson has been cited … Continue reading Carter G. Woodson December 19 1875

Eddie Kendricks (The Temptations)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgAtvJNIdrU&list=PLIJeWeKEHWyi-2Yq8ciIUzBmHmPn-ui0C Edward James Kendrick (December 17, 1939 – October 5, 1992), best known by the stage name Eddie Kendricks, was an American singer and songwriter. Noted for his distinctive falsetto singing style, Kendricks co-founded the Motown singing group The Temptations, and was one of their lead singers from 1960 until 1971. His was the lead … Continue reading Eddie Kendricks (The Temptations)

Elizabeth Evelyn Wright

Elizabeth Evelyn Wright (August 18, 1872 – December 14, 1906) founded Denmark Industrial Institute in Denmark, South Carolina, as a school for African-American youth. It is present-day Voorhees College, a historically black college (HBCU). She was a humanitarian and educator, founding several schools for black children. Curated from: Wikipedia

Jane Edna Hunter

Jane Edna Hunter (December 13, 1882 – January 13, 1971), an African-American social worker, was born near Pendleton, South Carolina. In 1911 she established the Working Girls Association in Cleveland, Ohio, which later became the Phillis Wheatley Association of Cleveland. Curated from Wikipedia